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Elder Law Attorney for Seniors and Families in Newton

Providing practical solutions for succession and asset protection

Most people do not look forward to planning for succession, incapacity and end of life. Unfortunately, for that reason, many people in Sussex and Warren Counties put it off until it is too late. Estate and incapacity planning does not have to be an unpleasant experience. In fact, having a cohesive plan in place can give you the confidence and peace of mind you need to truly enjoy other aspects of your life. Our attorneys at the law firm of Hollander, Strelzik, Pasculli, Hinkes, Wojcik, Gacquin, Vandenberg & Hontz, L.L.C. have practiced estate planning and elder law for nearly 50 years. We can help you address all your succession and incapacity planning issues, including wills and trusts, powers of attorney, advance directives, long-term healthcare planning and asset protection.

Why you should start planning for the future

The biggest mistake you can make in elder care and estate planning is waiting too long. Many asset protection techniques must be initiated as many as five years in advance of when long-term healthcare is likely to be needed. If you wait too long to start protecting your assets, your options may become limited or even disappear altogether. Moreover, a will, trust, power of attorney or advance directive must be drafted and executed before an accident or illness calls your competency into question.

If you are struck by illness or injury without these documents in place, your family may need to go through a more expensive — and sometimes emotionally difficult — guardianship proceeding to provide for your needs and manage your affairs. Our firm drafts advance directives that express your wishes about your assets and your end-of-life care in the event that you become too ill or injured to make your wishes known clearly. We also can help you in the guardianship process, especially for a special needs family member.

What you should know about Medicare

Medicare is a federally sponsored program. Though the majority of Medicare recipients are older than 65, the government makes exceptions for certain individuals with disabilities. Different programs cover diverse areas of elder care health, including preventative care screenings, certain medications and hospital visits. Our attorneys can help you file an appeal if your claim has been wrongfully denied. We also work with people with disabilities who are fighting for their rights to care under Medicare or Medicaid.

Our New Jersey elder law practice

At Hollander, Strelzik, Pasculli, Hinkes, Wojcik, Gacquin, Vandenberg & Hontz, L.L.C., we have designed our Newton elder law practice to address the most common concerns of people in Sussex and Warren Counties:

  • Estate planning — Our attorneys can help you use wills and trusts to disperse your assets to the people and causes that matter to you, while keeping in mind tax-planning and asset-protection goals.
  • Medicaid and Medicare — Medical care, including long-term care, is a major issue for most seniors.We can help you understand — and plan in advance to protect your assets while still preserving your Medicaid eligibility within the limits of the law.
  • Incapacity planning — Making sure that your family knows your wishes and that a person you trust is in charge of your affairs if you become incapacitated can be a huge source of comfort. We can help you use living wills and powers of attorney to accomplish these goals.
  • Guardianships — When it becomes necessary, due to age or incapacity, to take over the affairs of another person, guardianship can be an effective, protective legal process. It can also be time-consuming and cause difficulty within family relationships. Working with our attorneys to establish an estate plan in advance can help avoid this kind of drastic measure.
  • Estate administration — We can help you identify and assemble a loved one’s assets for distribution to beneficiaries, prepare inheritance or estate tax returns and resolve controversies over the legalities of a will.

Contact a Newton law firm that can help you provide for your family’s future

Estate and incapacity planning is a collaborative process during which you and your attorney must work together to identify and clarify your goals. At Hollander, Strelzik, Pasculli, Hinkes, Wojcik, Gacquin, Vandenberg & Hontz, L.L.C., we take the time to understand your situation and listen to your concerns to ensure that we provide the solutions you need. Call us today at 973-383-3233 or contact us online to set up an appointment to begin the estate-planning process with one of our attorneys.



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