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Finding practical solutions for business disagreements

Business is about relationships. Striking the balance between asserting your company’s rights and protecting those relationships can be difficult. When a business dispute occurs, it helps to know your legal position so you can negotiate with confidence. With a strong reputation built over nearly 50 years in Newton, NJ, our attorneys at Hollander, Strelzik, Pasculli, Vandenberg, Hontz & Kutyla, LLC have helped companies throughout Warren and Sussex Counties broker beneficial resolutions to all types of business disputes. We understand the realities of doing business and strive for practical solutions, but we are also ready to litigate when necessary to protect the rights of your business.

Common types of business disputes

A commercial dispute can arise from just about any type of business relationship or transaction. Our attorneys can examine the situation to determine what is at stake and steer you toward the most practical and appropriate means of resolution:

  • Transactional disputes — Disputes with vendors and clients over perceived breaches of contract are unavoidable no matter how hard you try. When the scope of such a dispute becomes too large, however, it is usually wise to consult an attorney. Our lawyers can help you understand how New Jersey commercial law applies to your situation and can help you put forth a strong argument for your position.
  • Employee disputes — Employment contracts can be complicated and create fertile ground for disputes both during employment and after severance. Our lawyers have experience with resolving employee issues involving compensation, benefits, and the scope and enforceability of non-compete and confidentiality agreements.
  • Internal disputes — Forming a business often means agreeing to pool resources with a number of business partners. As time goes on, however, disputes over profit shares and management authority often erupt and can seriously damage your company if not handled quickly. Our lawyers understand how contractual principles and New Jersey business law apply to these matters and have helped companies throughout Warren and Sussex Counties practically resolve shareholder, partner and member disputes.

Approaches to business dispute resolution

Preserving the underlying business relationship is frequently a concern when resolving business disputes. That is why mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution are often an excellent option. These approaches allow companies, employees and partners to privately resolve disputes without the expense and often unavoidable resentment that can come from litigation. Sometimes, however, litigation is necessary and appropriate. In these cases, our attorneys are committed to respecting the goals and spending limitations set by your company by pursuing your case in the most efficient way practicable.

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