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Workers’ Compensation Settlements Lawyers Newton and Sussex County

Making sure you are getting a fair deal

Settling a workers’ compensation claim in Newton can allow you to get the money to which you are entitled without the stress and expense of a trial. However, determining whether a settlement is fair under the circumstances is not always easy. Our attorneys at Hollander, Strelzik, Pasculli, Hinkes, Wojcik, Gacquin, Vandenberg & Hontz, L.L.C. understand how much you are depending on workers’ compensation to cover your medical expenses and lost wages. However, we will not let the insurance company use that fact to pressure you into an unfair settlement. Instead, we use the experience and resources at our disposal to build a strong case in your favor and make the insurance company see that offering a fair settlement is the only option.

What are the rules governing workers’ comp settlements?

The presiding workers’ compensation judge must review and approve any settlement before it can go into effect. Not all workers’ comp settlements are the same, and what settling really means for you depends on the type of settlement you are dealing with:

  • Section 20 settlements — A Section 20 settlement occurs in a case where there is a genuine dispute as to whether the employer is liable at all. For example, there may be a question as to whether the injury in question was work-related or whether it was a pre-existing condition. In these cases, the employer can agree to make a lump-sum payment in exchange for the employee agreeing to waive any right to pursue future compensation for the same injury or incident.
  • Other settlements — The other type of workers’ compensation settlement occurs when the employer has accepted liability but is contesting the severity and extent of the injury. In these cases, the parties can agree on a set amount of compensation in advance of a trial. Unlike other types of settlements, either side can reopen the case at any time up to two years after the last compensation payment.

Why should you consider a settlement?

Evaluating a settlement offer means taking a close look at the factual and legal issues present and the potential benefits available. If there is a lot of evidence against you and a strong chance that your employer may be able to avoid liability altogether, a settlement may become an increasingly attractive option. However, you might agree to a cash settlement that is far less than the compensation benefits you could otherwise receive. After years of evaluating and negotiating these types of settlements, we can put our skills and experience to work for you, negotiating on your behalf and making informed decisions about your case and settlement.

Contact Newton lawyers who negotiate for you in workers’ comp cases

Without a thorough understanding of the law, negotiating with your employer and a workers’ comp insurance carrier can be dangerous. For decades, workers throughout Warren, Morris, Passaic and Sussex County have counted on our attorneys at Hollander, Strelzik, Pasculli, Hinkes, Wojcik, Gacquin, Vandenberg & Hontz, L.L.C. to negotiate for them so they get the compensation they need. Call us today at 973-383-3233 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation with one of our workers’ compensation lawyers.



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