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Newton employment lawyer creates a last will and testament

Creating a will is a serious responsibility that demands time, care and a thorough knowledge of applicable legal standards. A Sussex County, New Jersey wills lawyer from Hollander, Strelzik, Pasculli, Vandenberg, Hontz & Kutyla, LLC can take you through each step of the process until you have a document that offers you and your loved ones the security you deserve. We are capable of drafting both simple and highly complex wills depending on your unique needs. With offices in Newton and Succasunna, our firm is convenient to clients from Sussex, Morris and several other New Jersey counties. 

Why you should have a will in New Jersey

Your will is both a legal instrument and means of establishing a personal legacy that benefits the people and causes you care about most. We take the time to draft personalized documents that direct the transfer of your property, name a trustworthy person to serve as your executor and set forth clear terms to minimize the possibility of a family dispute after you’re gone. Depending on your individual situation, our Sussex County estate planning lawyers can also assist with instructions regarding guardianship of your minor children and about methods of avoiding estate tax exposure. 

Types of wills and how to choose the right one for you

No do-it-yourself kit or form can truly meet the precise needs of someone looking to create a will. By first speaking with you extensively regarding your goals and priorities, we find what type of will best suits your situation. Possible choices include the following:

  • Simple will — Many people are satisfied with a straightforward will that gives instructions for distributing property and names an executor to carry them out. Often, a first will is relatively simple and then becomes more complex through revisions as the testator amasses wealth and adds to their family. 
  • Joint will — Spouses sometimes choose to execute a will together, by which each spouse leaves all of their property to the other. 
  • Testamentary trust will — To exercise greater control over assets they are leaving behind, some people use their will to fund one or more trusts that reflect their objectives. 
  • Living will — While a living will is not actually a will, it is a legal document that instructs as to extraordinary lifesaving measures you want used, or not used, if you are in dire medical condition.

No matter what is the optimal solution for you, we will make sure that your will satisfies New Jersey legal requirements and reflect your wishes. 

When should you prepare a will?

Any adult who owns property should prepare a will so that they can direct how those assets will be distributed upon their death. A simple will might be sufficient for an unmarried childless person whose assets are limited to personal property and financial accounts. As someone marries, has children and accumulates wealth, a will can be updated and often serves as just one element of a comprehensive estate plan. 

Preparing to meet a NJ wills attorney

Some basic preparation can make your meeting with a qualified estate planning lawyer much more productive. You should have a list of major assets, including real estate holdings, investment accounts, pension benefits and valuable tangible property, such as vehicles, art and antiques. Though many people initially believe that they will bequeath their entire estate to one or two heirs, you might want to give specific inheritances to friends, family members or charitable organizations. It’s a good idea to have a list of names available.

Updating a will in New Jersey

Neglecting to update a will could mean that the document no longer reflects your true intentions. Certain life events, such as a marriage or divorce, should prompt you to review your estate plan and make appropriate changes. Once you have children, it’s imperative to address their needs and to give instructions regarding who you would like to serve as their guardian if they are orphaned. Significant changes in net worth might also render an existing will obsolete. Fortunately, updating a will is very easy with assistance from a knowledgeable attorney. Our firm advises clients looking to revisit their estate plan due to a life change or making a periodic review to ensure that everything is up to date.

Contact a New Jersey lawyer to discuss the preparation or revision of a will 

Hollander, Strelzik, Pasculli, Vandenberg, Hontz & Kutyla, LLC drafts and revises wills for clients across North Jersey, including Sussex and Morris counties. Our offices are in Newton and Succasunna. For a consultation with a seasoned estate planning attorney, please call 973-862-4396 or contact us online.