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Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning Lawyer in Newton, Warren and Sussex Counties

Using the right tools to provide for your family’s future

An estate plan can range from fairly simple to very complicated, but in either case, it should be personal to you. Form documents all too frequently miss the mark and lead to confusion and unintended consequences for families. That is why for nearly 50 years, your friends and neighbors in Sussex and Warren Counties have trusted the attorneys of Hollander, Strelzik, Pasculli, Hinkes, Wojcik, Gacquin, Vandenberg & Hontz, L.L.C. to create clear and comprehensive estate plans that meet their needs and address their concerns. Regardless of your goals or the size of your estate, our lawyers can guide you through the process and craft an estate plan that accurately reflects your wishes.

The elements of a comprehensive estate plan

Every estate plan should include a will to direct how your property should be distributed after your death. Because a will has no effect while you are alive, however, you should also have a power of attorney and advance directive for healthcare prepared. Additionally, you should nominate a responsible family member or friend to manage your affairs and provide guidance for doing so. For more complicated estate plans, one or more trusts may also be used to protect assets, accomplish tax objectives or prevent underage or irresponsible beneficiaries from having unrestricted access to their inheritances.

What is a will?

A will is a binding legal document that controls how your property is distributed after your death. To be binding in New Jersey, a will must be in writing and must be signed by the testator in the presence of two witnesses and a notary public who also signs it. By including the proper provisions, our law firm can help you use a will to accomplish numerous goals:

  • Nominate an executor to carry out the will’s instructions
  • Provide for the payment of outstanding debts
  • Distribute property outright to beneficiaries
  • Make charitable donations to named organizations
  • Give named individuals the right to dispose of certain property through a power of appointment
  • Establish trusts to manage distributions to underage or disabled relatives
  • Provide certain limitations on the future use of your property

What is a trust?

A trust is a legal device by which you, the settlor, give property to a trustee to manage and disburse to one or more beneficiaries. A trust can be an independent document or it can be part of a will. A trust can be revocable — you can change or abolish it as long as you are alive — or irrevocable — you cannot change it once it is created. If used properly, the right kind of trust arrangement can accomplish any number of estate planning goals:

  • Reduce estate tax liability
  • Minimize probate
  • Protect assets from medical expenses
  • Preserve Medicaid eligibility
  • Control the future use of assets
  • Provide regular income to family

Consult our attorneys for creative and practical solutions to estate planning issues in Newton

No two people have the same goals and circumstances during estate planning. That is why our attorneys at Hollander, Strelzik, Pasculli, Hinkes, Wojcik, Gacquin, Vandenberg & Hontz, L.L.C. work closely with clients in Newton and throughout Warren and Sussex Counties to help them identify their priorities and concerns. We then craft a plan that fully addresses their issues. If you are interested in beginning the estate planning process, call our Newton office today at 973-383-3233 or contact us online to set up a consultation with one of our attorneys.



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